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Content VS Design

When you're building a website, you need it to look and sound good, right? But which is more important? And which should you focus on first?

The battle for whether content or design should be King has been raging for many years now, and the casualties have been high on both sides. The copywriters have been penning death threats to the design teams, who have, in turn (...)

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Do You Really Need An App?

Nowadays it seems like everyone and their aunt has a dedicated native app to help build their brand awareness and customer engagement – but is it really worth it?

True, they can help to encourage customer relations and some can even offer perks you can’t find elsewhere, but most are sitting in their respective app stores, not doing very much at all. (...)
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The History of Hash Tags

Ah hash tags. The building blocks of social media, these little symbols help us to navigate the often murky waters of social networking sites to find what we were actually looking for, while -mostly- avoiding those addictive cat videos.

But where did these little creatures of convenience come from, and how can you use them to help people find the content you want to get out there? (...)
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